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Customer-centric team driven to give you and our guests the absolute best experience.

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Jayla brings over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, operations and sales with global iconic lifestyle brands. Since her early 20's, she's had a passion for real estate investment. It started with house hacking her first triplex in her early 20's. Most recently, after turning their wine country retreat into a profit maximizing machine, she's fallen in love with short-term rentals and enjoys creating amazing luxury experiences for guests while maximizing profits for owners. Jayla holds an MBA and participates in national STR Mastermind groups to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry. Connect on LinkedIn here.



West Coast Operations

James brings over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and sales experience working with lifestyle brands in the action sports industry. James passion for real estate started at 18, when at that time, he was the youngest licensed realtor in California. Today James enjoys running his own apparel business and working behind the scenes with Atlas Vacations on strategy, creative and west coast operations.



Partner & Head of East Coast Sales & Operations

Jayla approached Toby with an idea of bi-coastal expansion that she jumped on; having worked on several projects together over the last 12 years, she knew this would be a fun ride! Toby now manages all East Coast operations. With 25 years of owning a successful service business that required attention to detail and sensitivity to personal space, Toby has the exact blend of skills to make our Vermont-side of this business stand out and provide a superior service for our owners and our guests. We are excited to bring this new perspective and women run business to the luxury hospitality vacation rental market in Vermont!



Operations & Guest Services

Patricia is a passionate Quality Officer with 8 years experience in Hospitality and Customer Service. Starting off with a Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management, she has worked with Priceline and Airbnb in Quality and Customer Service. Her most recent role was Senior Quality Officer at Global Airbnb. Patricia loves to travel, explore new cultures and meet new friends. We are thrilled to have her knowledge, positive attitude, technical skills and incredible attention to detail on our team.



Support Specialist

Mark "Marky" is a seasoned customer service professional with over a decade of experience in the BPO industry specializing in conflict management. He loves to explore new places, try new foods, and immerse himself in different cultures. He finds joy in the thrill of discovering new destinations, learning about the history and traditions, and also making new friends along the way.

Our Team: Our Team


In addition to our team above, we carefully build the best support staff in each region. Careful consideration goes into working with like-minded people who we trust and who have a customer service attitude. The turnover service and providing 24/7 support is the lifeblood of our company and is therefore one of our highest priorities. 5-star cleanliness, a beautifully staged property, and hotel-like amenities will set your property apart and ensure happy guests—which makes for happy owners.

We are committed to providing competitive staff a compensation program that attracts, retains and rewards high-performing employees at all levels. Atlas Vacations is also committed to providing a total staff compensation package tied to the attainment of individual and group results and the achievement of organizational goals. 

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