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Dark Couch


We'll help you get set up or maximize your property and manage on your own!


To operate your STR effectively, you will need to build a local team. Learn how to seemlessly lock down your vendors for: Cleaning, Hot tub, Trash Removal, Lawncare, Septic, Electrician, Plumbing, Handyman, Snow Removal, Professional Photographer, Concierge Services, and more!


Learn how to manage like a pro, by leveraging technology to do the heavy lifting for you! We have the purchase list prepared for wifi locks, cameras, noise decibel readers, email capture technology. We’ll also get you set up with your property management system (PMS)! Once everything is implemented, we’ll teach you how to use it!


How and where you market your property is CRITICAL. We’ll build your listings for you on Airbnb, VRBO, and direct booking using the latest tricks for gathering more bookings and staying on page 1 of Airbnb! We’ll also get you all set up with your dynamic pricing software and teach you critical strategies for ensuring that you have competitive rates against your competition. Additionally, we’ll share all of our templates from lease agreements to cleaner templates!


Now that your ready to “go-live”, once we’ve educated you on how to leverage all of your tools and systems, we will stick with you through the first 5 guests incase any questions or challenges arise. We will also meet quarterly over the course of 1 year to review your pricing strategy together for the upcoming season and discuss any challenges you’re having.

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